Items of Note

a ~ denotes magical
a ~~ denotes attunement

Outside of the party:

The Happy Sea Urchin
Magic frame ~ 1 with Esteban in the Purskul House
Magic frame ~ 2 on the The Happy Sea Urchin


Amnian Longsword ~
Silver Scepter of Paladin Hands ~
Moradin’s Evangelical Pamphlet
Jade sphere of detect magic ~


Jaguar mask ~~
Official Writ from Purskul
Plumastone Tecpatl “Sliverphial”
Alchemy Jar
Vizzini’s Inconceivable Cups ~
Hidden Wrist blade
Skull of a Mind Flayer ~


Periapt of Health ~
Spellstones ~
Fangs of Ssitsiss ~
Enhanced Khyber sword ~
Tzompantli teleportation key (Huatlia’s heirloom) ~
Ballgame beer cozy
Minilla’s collar ~
Update 0.2.2 to Contract in Tome of Shadows


Bowl of eternal food preservation ~
Scrolls of Contact Other Plane, Hold Monster, Animate Dead ~
Complimentary earthenware tea set
Dana’s Ribbon
Cloak of the Bridgekeeper
Drow spell book


Heart Attack ~
Ring of Mind Shielding ~ from Mind Flayer attack on the beach
Heward’s Handy Haversack ~
Manual of Bodily Health ~ (used)
Horn of Silent Alarm ~
Cihuateteo’s doll ~

Orb of Direction ~
Barrik’s Allied Shield Ex Dominus
Bronze statuette ~
Potion of lightning resistance ~


Gnomardo’s Tome of Shadows
Contract in Tome of Shadows
Ring of Mind Shielding ~~ the undead broodguard fought on Isle of the dry healing pool
Chronicles of the Golden Legion 1361
Fisher’s note
Contract in Tome of Shadows
Scroll of Danse Macabre
Claw of the Conciliator ~
Rod of the Pact Keeper +1 ~

Yolanthe Gromoshe

Kastandar’s Lament (magical rapier) ~~

Communal items:

The Olmazca items

2nd Olmazca Tzompantli key
Belmonte’s scarf
Nahuel’s translation talisman ~
Trader’s map
Kultakan military map

Sold Items:

Birdcrusher (macuahuatli)

Lost Items

Barrik’s heart ~

Destroyed Items:

Ceremonial Casting Dagger of Pain ~

Items of Note

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