Quest log

Quests our heroes have embarked on.

A-Team Party Quests:

☐ Travel to the Sands of Iztcala, the realm of the dessert dwarves, and free them from psionic enslavement.

- Quest giver: Everyone has their reasons.
- Reward: You will get what’s coming to you.

☑ Produce enough of the plague cure to save Amn

☑ Find the source of the flowers
☑ Travel to Maztica
☑ Harvest samples of the flowers
☑ Find a Scroll of Summon Lesser Demon
☑ Summon a lesser demon in a controlled place and infect it
☑ Accelerate the plant growth
☑ Create an ezcochitli
☑ Harvest hundreds of flowers
☑ Make cures
☑ Bring cures back to Amn
- Quest giver: Skrregx
- Reward: none, it’s just the right thing to do

☑ Kultakan Mounted Expeditionary Force

☑ Travel to Pdapla to train mounted force
☑ Meet up with Xarry and Lady
☑ Assault on the Olmazca temple and stop the volcano ritual
- Quest giver: War Chief Aconcagua
- Reward: 1000 gp per person for training, ranks in the Kultakan military and an extra 1000 gp per person for assault.

☑ Establish a way back to Amn

☑ Travel to Kultaka
☑ Retrieve the Happy Sea Urchin
☑ Sail back to Coxi
☑ Retrieve Magic frame from the sea
- Quest giver: Xarry
- Reward: A way home to deliver the cure
The Happy Sea Urchin

☑ Obtain Scroll of Summon Lesser Demon

☑ Track down the summoning magic trader
☑ “Rescue” Titipaclan from the vampires under Blood Offering tavern
- Quest giver: Nahuel Huapi
- Reward: Scroll of Summon Lesser Demon

☑ Save Xarry from ceremorphosis

- Quest giver: Xarry
- Reward: Loyal follower

☐ Hunt down and kill that elusive Yuan-ti bitch Zastania the Mad

- Quest giver: Acting-Mayor Oegraemo
☐ Track her, Esteban or Nurse Chapel to where the magic frame led when it turned black.
- Reward: 100 gold pieces each

☑ Find Dr Morti Errorem and help him discover a cure for the plague

- Quest Giver: Acting-Mayor Oegraemo
☑ Rescue Dr Morti Errorem
☑ Escort Dr Morti Errorem to Athkatla
☑ Discover a cure for the plague
- Reward: 200 gold per person when the plague has gone and Purskul House

☑ Stop death cult in Purskul

- Quest giver: Acting-Mayor Oegraemo
- Reward: 100 gold pieces each

☑ Investigate, and if possible clear, the blockade on the river Esmel

- Quest giver: Mayor Fruitfoot of Esmeltaran
- Reward: a gold per person a day and 50 gold reward for solving the problem

B-Team Party Quests:

☐ Hunt down and eliminate the blood smuggling vampire network in Pezelac.

- Quest giver: President Quilmes
- Reward: Your weight in silver!

A-Team personal quests

B-Team personal quests

Quest log

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