Rule changes


Homebrew classes, races and items

All rules are standard 5e except as follows:

Dangers of desert travel





You may attune as many magical items as your proficiency.

An Inspiration point can be used to gain advantage on a d20 roll. Inspiration is awarded during the end of session discussion. A player must choose one of the following, did they:

• Grow closer to the team. Explain who made you feel welcome; you gain an Inspiration point you can only use on yourself. A Personal Inspiration
• Grow into your own image of yourself. Explain how you see yourself and why; you gain an Inspiration point you can only use to impose disadvantage on an enemy rolling only against you. A Perturbing Inspiration
• Grow away from the team. Explain why you feel detached. You gain an Inspiration point you can only give to another teammate when they roll. A Party Inspiration

A character can only hold 1 Inspiration point at a time, but if their point is not used they can at the end of the session replace it with another inspiration point type.

Rule changes

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